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Pasar Murah - How can you help?

16 Aug 2016 10:39 AM | ANZA Website (Administrator)

ANZA Pasar Murah

Photo Credit: Nani Cappelut

Twice a year ANZA holds a Garage Sale and Pasar Murah which means ‘cheap market’ for locals.

Donations of anything and everything arrive at ANZA house regularly and once the garage is full (bursting at the seams) we sort it for the sales; that is a BIG task – there is so much to go through!

The Garage Sale is held on a Friday during our ANZA coffee morning.

Then… we prepare for the ‘big event’ the Pasar Murah, tables are set up outside and everything is laid out ready for Saturday.

The gates open at 7.00am on the dot and waiting crowds swarm in to grab bargains. All items are sold in job lots priced by Marilyn and other Indonesian speakers. It’s total but organized chaos and is all over by 9.00. We can then catch our breath, debrief, count up the funds and have a well earned coffee!

We need helpers for our next edition in September:

  • Thursday 1 September afternoon to set up the Garage Sale
  • Friday 2 September during the coffee morning to sell items
  • Friday 2 September afternoon to set up tables for Pasar Murah
  • Saturday 3 September morning 6.30-9 am to set up and sell everything!

Come and join us it’s fun and all proceeds go to Social Welfare projects! We usually make around Rp. 10 million over the two days so it’s very worthwhile!

Contact the Social Welfare Committee if you are able to lend a hand.

Read more about The Pasar Murah Experience in ANZABerita Magazine

Contact Us at ANZA House

WA/Phone: +62 813 8602 5551

Email: info@anzajakarta.com


Kemang, South Jakarta

Please call for exact details.

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